At Konkel Accounting we make you our number one priority

Konkel Accounting & Tax Office provides personal tax preparation and accounting services for individuals and small businesses. We are dedicated tax accountants who specialize in business bookkeeping and payroll. We offer professional counsel during state and federal audits. Our clients are our number one priority. We bring a professional, personalized approach with meticulous attention to detail. We want to make your business work hard for you.

When you choose your accountant, you want someone who is accurate and accountable. An accountant who is reliable in business practice but is flexible within your business structure.

Changes in the Office this Year

Happy New Year and thank you for being our client. We have experienced many changes over the last twelve months. Our longtime partners, Leuthner Tax & Financial, sold their offices to H&R Block, so as of April 2014, we became completely independent. Then, in July of 2014, we expanded into the Sheboygan area, with an office at 507 S 8th St.

Because of these challenging but positive changes, we now call ourselves Konkel Accounting, LLC.

But that is the only change you will see. Everyone who was here last year is still here. Mark, Lori, and Bob will still prepare your taxes with sincerity, knowledge, and accuracy, as well as helping with IRS letters and problems. We still stand behind our work. And all of our valuable services are still reasonably priced.

This Year’s Tax Appointment

Please bring all of your tax documents, including W2s, 1099s, 1098s, property tax payments, Social Security Statements, year-end brokerage statements, amount paid in rent, and your record of any estimated payments you made–and anything ele that has “IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT” printed on the envelope.

For an updated list of credits, deductions, and important things to know, visit our 2015 Tax Tips News Page.

Accurate & Accountable

Your account sheet is a reflection of your business fitness level. It needs to be transparent. It must also be accurate so you can make smart business decisions. That is why we pay attention to the finest detail. Your tax preparation is done right the first time. Don’t sweat over balance sheets. Drive your business with confidence when you call on the accountant experts.

Reliable in every Small Business Accounting Facet

Just as you keep your business confidential, we do the same with your financial records. Confidentiality is an absolute must. Our records are sealed and we take extra precautions to ensure that your information is only shared with authorized personnel. Our staff is available to work with you on site during external and internal audit reviews. We will help you organize your financials so that they are accurate and meaningful for business planning.

Flexible in every Client Service, including Tax Preparation

For tax preparation, payroll or financial project reports, we are your source. We are local experts who provide affordable options. These options and services will fit within your business budget. We deliver exceptional service that meets every client need. You control the types of projects. We are accountable to your expectations.

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